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Meet the team

Matt Beans

Going as far back as junior year of highschool, Matt Beans started his career in real estate as a wholesaler. Mastering the marketing and underwriting, he partnered with veterans in the industry to flip 5 houses in his first year of fix and flip.

After looking at hundreds of deals, he realized a niche many fear – Land. Over the last 2 years, Matt has bought and sold over 160 acres in 5 different states.

Through all of this, he realized his Achilles heel… the bookkeeping. Through his relationship with Cat, Matt and Cat teamed up to open what started out as The REI Bookkeepers – a bookkeeping firm for real estate investors by real estate investors.

Catherine Angle

Catherine is one of the founders of KeepYourProfits.com, providing bookkeeping and financial resources to real estate investors internationally. She got her start in real estate by attempting to (and failing to) wholesale single family houses.

After learning the monetary side of real estate through a work apprenticeship, Catherine quickly realized the huge need for financial literacy in the real estate investment space. 

Through continuous conversation with real estate investors, Catherine and Matt nail down what their pain points are and provide tailored support.

Outside of business, Catherine enjoys traveling and wardrobe styling.

Anjelica Hernandez

Anjelica received her Real Estate License in 2019 and worked in Property Management to get started. She quickly leaned more towards the bookkeeping and financial side of Real Estate instead of sales.

She began helping other CPA’s and companies with bookkeeping in all different industries including restaurants, marine, construction, landscaping, and others.

When she joined the team at KeepYourProfits.com she was able to combine her bookkeeping experience with her real estate knowledge and now loves helping investors manage the financial side of their business.

Anjelica loves traveling and exploring the outdoors. She loves hiking, fishing and spending time with family, her husband and two dogs.