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#1 Bookkeeping Resource for Real Estate Investors

We help real estate investors increase profits using a simple money management system.

In 2022 we have booked $200 Million worth of Assets and Cashflow for Real Estate Investors.

Softwares We Work With

Who We Work With

As a real estate investor, you prospect, underwrite, acquire, manage, renovate, market, sell and so much more. Let us wear the bookkeeping hat. We will provide clear data for you to make smart decisions

Real Estate Wholesalers

See how effective your marketing spend actually is. What is your average cost to acquire a deal?

Fix & Flippers

Want to know your true profit on a flip? Job costing can be daunting – we have you covered.

Rental Portfolios

Having multiple properties doesn’t mean the money has to be all mixed up. A rent roll for each property is not asking too much.

Property Managers

Customer distributions are a top priority. Timely reports and payment boost your credibility.

Vacation Rentals

Destination rentals can be a great way to make more money. Except, what happens when you don’t know what’s happening with that money?

Real Estate Agents

As an agent, you are so susceptible to mixing your personal and professional money. Separation is a key part to growing.

We are a certified Advanced Profit First Organization.  

A Profit First organization is someone who is known as a strategic, trusted advisor and an integral part of their client's business success.

Serving over 50+ growing real estate investors worldwide!

Find Your Footing

The first step in having a solid understanding of your money is determining how you are currently operating. We’ll dive deep with you on where the bottlenecks are and implement a simple system that will change how you feel about managing money. Soon you’ll be able to answer questions like:


  • Can I afford to hire someone?
  • Am I a good candidate for a loan approval?
  • How much more can I spend on marketing to boost revenue?

Services That Fit Your Needs


For individuals or teams



Post Banking Transactions


Setup & Audit QuickBooks Online


Monthly Banking Reconciliation


Entry Adjustments


Digital Document Storage


Bill Pay


Invoice Tenants


Expense Monitoring


Monthly Review Calls


Contractor Payments




Payroll Tax Withholding


Management Reporting (Monthly)


Management Reporting (Monthly)


And A lot more!

We are the experts for real estate investment bookkeeping.

Get Clarity and Accelerate Your Growth

Legitimate bookkeeping opens the doors for so many opportunities. Think bigger than “I just need to file my taxes”. 

How awesome would it be to get paid consistently from your business?

How substantial would solid books be in helping you in raising capital?

How much would a money management system increase the value of your business?”

What Our Clients Have To Say

Mike Holder


“If you are not investing in a great bookkeeper, you are seriously missing out. Keep Your Profits has helped us so much. I look at our numbers and meet with my partners once a month and I’m always able to come to the table ready with what our money is doing for us thanks to Keep Your Profits.”

Sarah Taylor

Web Developer

“I came to Keep Your Profits with my bookkeeping not being done for over a year. They were quick and thorough to get everything caught up and we even found that I had enough money every month to take money out for myself.”

Matt Bowman

App Designer

“I have worked with Keep Your Profits for over a year now and cannot say enough good things about them. Very knowledgeable in the real estate space and willing to work with my CPA, very friendly and consistent. Thank you!”

Matt Bowman

App Designer

“Keep Your Profits initially came in and helped me find where the problems were in my cash management. Now, I have a few things I do every month that are super easy and keep me on budget, always with money to spare.”